What is promo codes?

What is promo codes

A promo codes is often defined as a series of letters and / or numbers that form a term or a word. For example: XRT2015 could very well be a promo code offered by a brand.


A promo code is therefore a term / expression provided by brands in order to benefit a reduction or benefit to consumers. A promo code is always free and usable by the general public. Unless there are specific conditions (e.g., nominative promo codes or special commercial transactions).

What is promo codes?

The promo codes we offer are more generally all that you can find on the web can offer different types of discounts below:

  • Direct discounts on your purchases in $ € / %
  • Gifts in addition to the items ordered
  • Free shipping

For more information on the different types of coupon codes, please read the full article below:

What is promo codes
What is promo codes

Examples of promo codes:

In order to best illustrate the promo codes. Here are some examples from actual promo codes that are currently on https://promocodeslab.com:

Mim promo code

  • Enjoy a 15% discount from 100 € of purchase with the code: SALE15.

Yves Rocher promo code

  • Benefit from € 6 discount for any order with a minimum of € 30 purchase. Code cannot be accumulated.

Pierre et Vacances promo code

  • Save 50 € on a selection of Pierre et Vacances residences. The code cannot be combined with current promo offers.

As you can see through these examples, some codes are subject to conditions of use that are set by the advertisers themselves. To learn more about the conditions of the codes do not hesitate to read our other ticket here.

Free Prints Promo Codes:

  • Save Upto 90% off with free shipping on free prints.

Free Prints promo codes provide the app where you will get these discounts. You get a special discount if you will used that app for the very first time. If you want free print promo code download that app now.

Top Promo Codes US:

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  • Free Prints Promo Codes
  • MarathonFoto Coupon Codes
  • Express $100 off coupons 2018
  • Bath & body works coupons


We will share all latest and top viral promo codes on daily basis. You just have to do is to visit our website daily to claim your amazing promo and coupons codes before it expires. Because you already know and we are mention this in our article that these coupons are very limited time only. So try it before it expires.



Learn more about promo codes:


In addition to being a good way to generate sales and boost marketing campaigns. Promo codes are invent at the time when the Internet did not yet exist mainly for the purpose of consumer loyalty. Indeed, brands have always used this lever of discount vouchers (on paper at first) for the acquisition of new prospects as well as to retain their customer base. The promo code has always been (historically speaking) a fruitful marketing lever because of a cost of implementation that is quite small even in the offline.


Consumers have always been very fond of discounts and coupons offered by brands. At the beginning, we mainly found promo codes in the form of paper coupons either in newspapers, magazines, or directly in our mailbox to reward our loyalty to a brand or following x consecutive purchases. The phenomenon has increased sharply since the appearance of the Internet and subsequently with the economic crisis.


Since the early days of the Internet, brands have understood the potential of e-couponing campaigns they could launch. The question that arose was how much to continue offering paper discount coupons. Indeed, with the arrival of e-commerce, more and more people started to shop online, so we had to find a solution to offer these new cyber-consumers a way to save online via these codes.


The response of brands and major retailers was very simple: they have transcribed their couponing strategies but for the web.


Keep In touch with this page and bookmark this page by pressing Ctrl+D because we update out coupon list on daily basis. So if you want to never miss any code subscribe us now. Most of all, promo codes are working fine. If you have any problem related to this article or if the codes are not working contact us.

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